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Magnetic resonance imaging is a medical imaging method based on the inherent tissue   characteristics of the magnetic moment of the H-nuclear spin. To obtain a magnetic resonance signal, the radio frequency are detected by applying a gradient magnetic field. The spatial encoding and image reconstruction are used to obtain the structure image of the tissues.

MRI-guided precision minimally invasive treatment system is the most advanced image-guided precision treatment system in the world now. Under the guidance of the high-definition MAGNETIC resonance image system, the doctors can carry out more accurate treatment, and can carry out the treatment of breast cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, fibroid and other solid tumors, as well as the minimally invasive treatment of disc herniation and other diseases.

Compared with traditional CT equipment guided treatment, magnetic resonance guided precision minimally invasive treatment system has the advantages of no ionizing radiation, much clear image, high safety, less trauma, rapid patient recovery, etc., which is the most promising treatment method of modern precision treatment technology.

"MRI-guided precision minimally invasive treatment system image display is very clear, and conducive to timely evaluation by doctors.

Precise and real-time guidance by MR navigation can directly reach the lesions with puncture needles or minimally invasive treatment consumables.

It is more precise than open surgery and avoids normal tissue destruction. In the future, cells can be implanted at the site of the lesion to achieve cell therapy.

The MR-guided minimally-invasive treatment system developed by SJ healthcare company is an innovative high-end medical equipment, which can provide advanced clinical solutions for minimally invasive surgical treatment of diseases such as tumor. The system can not only help doctors to check and diagnose diseases, but also can locate the focus, guide the minimally invasive surgery in real time, greatly improve the accuracy and reduce the complications of surgery. The popularization and implementation of this system will be beneficial to improve the domestic medical and health level, reduce the operation cost and benefit the people's health.

The medical devices developed by SJ healthcare company for MR-guided minimally invasive treatment systems are well suited to this system, including microwave ablation instruments, puncture needles, biopsy needles, and microwave needles. The product has no magnetic, no interference to MAGNETIC resonance imaging, superior performance. The advanced product guarantees the precision of the operation and brings health to more patients.

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