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MR-guided precision minimally invasive treatment system

. Application: it is clinically used to obtain biopsy tissue from liver, kidney, prostate, breast, spleen, lymph node and soft tissue tumors, but not for bone biopsy.
Specially design for MR and also can be used for CT and ultrasound intervenion
Product Detail

Products competitive advantages:

1) Compared with traditional CT,DSA examination, there is no X-ray radiation during the treatment under MRI.   There is less or almost no harm to patients, especially for doctors who can be free from the damage caused by radiation. Interventional therapy guided by MR has less psychological pressure in actual operation, and the operation is more relaxed

2) SJ Healthcare company combined MRI with optical navigation& positioning system and microwave treatment together, it can real-time evaluate and get full understanding of the lesions in the treatment process and accurately eliminate the lesions by microwave ablation, at the same time,it can greatly protect healthy surrounding tissue . in order to achieve precise minimally invasive treatment of tumor.

3) Compared with the traditional MR, the magnetic MR-guided minimally invasive treatment system of SJ Healthcare focus more on clinical treatment direction. Compared with the traditional MR on the existing market, SJ Healthcare companys MR has a larger aperture and shorter magnet, which is more conducive to the direct operation of clinicians. The MR aperture of SJ is 81cm, and the magnet length is 125cm. At present, the largest diagnostic magnetic resonance magnet on the market has a diameter of 60cm and a length of 165cm or more, which cannot allow doctors to operate directly in the MAGNETIC resonance. The magnetic resonance bed needs to be pushed back and forth, affecting the accuracy of surgery.

4) The MR-guided minimally invasive treatment system produced by SJ Healthcare Co., Ltd. is an ecosystem. All supporting consumables, medical display screen, microwave ablation instrument, medical arm, coil, shadowless lamp and coil used for interventional therapy are magnetic compatible and can be used in MRI room without interference.

5) The large-aperture MR produced by SJ Healthcare Co., Ltd. can not only be used for interventional therapy, but also provide a more comfortable examination and treatment experience for patients with obesity and claustrophobia, as well as for patients and departments with radiotherapy positioning needs.

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