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Disposable biopsy needle (  special for CT, DSA, Ultrasonography)
Application: it is clinically used to obtain biopsy tissue from liver, kidney, prostate, breast, spleen, lymph node and soft tissue tumors, but not for bone biopsy.
Disposable biopsy needle(special for MRI, CT, DSA, Ultrasonography)
The Magnetic compatibility half-auto biopsy needle’s inside and outside was all made by special material
Disposable puncture needle ( special for CT, DSA, Ultrasonography)
Application: it is used for puncture of human body (excluding lumbar vertebrae, blood vessels and ventricle) in clinic
Disposable puncture needle(special for MRI, CT, DSA, Ultrasonography)
The magnetic puncture needle specially designed for MR intervention medical treatment, also can be use for CT and ultrasound invention treatment system,
microwave ablation instrument
Microwave Frequency: 2.45GHz
Interventional coil
Interventional coil is one of the key components of intraoperative MR system. It has the advantages of high noise ratio and high uniformity, and has applied for many patents
Microwave ablation needle
Microwave ablation instrument accessory, disposable Main features: round ablation, water cooling system, magnetic resonance compatibility; It can be used for CT and ultrasound intervention
MR Display System
Realtime synchronous display of surgical room and outer control center
MR surgical bed
±30° rotation angle for enough space of interventional operation  60cm height lift convenient for patient go up and down the surgical bed     Degree of precision reaches 0.5cm for moving range location
MR-guided Minimally invasive treatment system
Our core products are MR-guided minimally-invasive precision treatment system. The system integrates preoperative planning, rapid magnetic
Multi Angle free cantilever
Adjustable from any angle  Cooperatively used with display scree, astral lamp, navigation camera  Meets the requirement of various operation demands in surgical
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