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SJHeathcare attending CCI2021

Issuing time:2021-09-01 09:53


At 9:00 am on July 16, 2021, the annual Meeting of Chinese college of conversationalist was held in Nanjing Youth International Center with a beautiful traditional dance.


The conference was organized by interventional Physicians Branch of Chinese Medical Association, organized by Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University and Nanjing First Hospital, and co-organized by the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University and the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University. During three days, tens of thousands of visitors and guests from home and abroad participated in the event both online and offline.


1. The theme of this conference is "Big Intervention, Big Integration, Big pattern", which is committed to multi-disciplinary integration, perfect the discipline talent training system, and pave the way for young talents; Based on China, look at the world, open the pattern, to empower the development of interventional treatment.


The big interventionists are here Jinling in midsummer by the Yangtze River

Prof. Teng Gaojun, chairman of the conference, delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. Mr. Ren Lijian, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of Southeast University, Ms. Zhu Min, Deputy Director of jiangsu Provincial Health Commission, and Ms. Shi Liying, Vice Secretary of Chinese Medical Doctor Association delivered speeches to express their congratulations to the opening ceremony.


2. "Intervention Master", "Overseas Excellent Member" and "Intervention New Elite" award was settled in this conference. In particular, the speeches of the three "intervention masters" made us feel the hard work and persistence of the intervention predecessors and pioneers, which made every participant moved!


3, The sub-session was full of highlights

The conference academic content covers tumor interventional, neural, vascular intervention, peripheral vascular interventional, comprehensive intervention, digestive endoscopy, tumor ablation, tumor radioactive particles close treatment, emergency treatment intervention, cardiac interventional, ultrasonic, perioperative interventions, image diagnosis and intervention, intervention of medical engineering and biotechnology, pain and biological oxidation interventional, pediatric, gynecology Obstetrics intervention, interventional drugs, portal hypertension intervention, magnetic resonance intervention, digital intelligent intervention and more than 20 directions and fields. The big names involved in the intervention intermingled with each other and delivered wonderful speeches in each venue.


Participants celebrated the establishment of the special committee on magnetic resonance intervention

Participants celebrated the establishment of the special committee on magnetic resonance intervention.

4.At the tumor ablation session, participants selflessly shared their experience in tumor ablation


5.Leaders and experts visited the Anhui SJHealthcare company booth to guide the work

During the conference,Anhui SJHealthcare company always attracted attention. Our company's core product - magnetic resonance guided precision minimally invasive treatment system was unanimously praised by the experts attending the meeting. Magnetic resonance compatible microwave ablation instrument, ablation needle, magnetic resonance compatible biopsy needle, puncture needle and other products developed based on clinical needs were highly recognized by the general experts at the meeting once they were displayed. They hope Anhui SJHealthcare company can provide them for clinical use as soon as possible


6.Since its establishment, Anhui SJHeallthcare company has actively participated in various academic conferences. The development of   Anhui SJHeallthcare company is inseparable from the guidance of experts in the industry and the exchange of academic activities.


In this conference, The products of   Anhui SJHeallthcare company have been unanimously recognized by the majority of experts, which is a great encouragement to SJHealth. In the future, we will remain true to our original aspiration- to become the leader of magnetic resonance minimally invasive therapy and forge ahead. Develop more and better products in line with clinical needs to help clinicians benefit more patients.




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